What is unconditional happiness?

“Unconditional Happiness isnt that the goal?"

Many people think that they will be happy when they receive or get something. This places them in a state of object referral.

There happiness is dependent on something else, and everything else is external is an object in this context 

 Have you ever heard? “ I will be happy when…” “ As long as I work hard and get this amount of money I will be happy”  I will be happy when I retire”  I will be happy when I get a relationship.  STOP!

If you happiness is dependent on external situations you will always be on a
constant roller coster of emotions, and a slave to the world. It will rule you and you will not be in control of your emotional state of well being.

You can choose happiness right now.

Close your eyes right now if safe to do so, and feel the breath coming in and out of your lungs, be 100% present for a moment. You do not need anything to be happy, it is to do with the processing of information, the way you think in your head and the chatter in your head. STOP!

Be present for a moment, just like breath is a constant so is happiness is yours  if you decide
right now?

Think about it how many times have you kept thinking about things that hurt you,
or people that have done things you did not agree with or like.

This is a choice you can think about things that help you or think about things that don’t help you.

You can create beliefs that drive you forward, or create beliefs that hold you back.

Happiness does not have to be conditioned on any event thought or feeling it is rightfully yours just like the air you are entitled to it.

What if you suddenly knew in all parts of you that happiness is you, irrelevant of situation, irrelvent of events?

Decide today to appreciate life its self all of the things that are there for free,
the earth, the moon, the tide, the trees, and leaves all there for you for free.

You can decide right now to live a life that means you have a positive emotional state,
you think positive thoughts irrelevant of situations.
You decide to be happy no matter what external situations happen.

You can decide to own and have unconditional happiness cant you?

Choose to happy you will be glad you did of course it all belongs to you.

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