Overview of a hypnotic process


At the start of any session rapport must be maintained between the clients that the therapist this is the responsibility of the coach. The role of the coach is to not only create the rapport but then maintain the rapport by using his expertise and experience, helping the client feel comfortable in sharing what is most important to them. The first stages are to find what the problems are that the client is facing and the outcomes that they would like to create in their life. After gathering information and answering any questions that the client may have, the session may begin.


A typical hypnotic session will begin after this first phase. It starts with getting the client focusing their attention and some kind of suggestions for relaxation to put you at peace of mind. The suggestions at this point open the doorway to further deepening of the hypnotic process. Next the level of relaxation is deepened by using metaphors such as a descending elevator, counting backwards or down from 10 down to 1. And also suggestions that the client being is relaxed.


After the deepening of the hypnotic process the therapist may use a number of approaches. A typical approach for an inexperienced may be to use direct suggestions. Direct suggestions are usually simple and to the point. They are not complicated and do not require the subject to think or use imagination to any significant degree. They are the opposite of indirect suggestions in which imagery plays an integral part. The most appropriate suggestions are given and success is how well the therapist builds rapport with the clients subconscious using language the ticks the right box for their subconscious mind.


After the use of suggestions that the client wants, the client is brought back from the hypnotic trance by being told to awaken, it is at this point that post hypnotic suggestions could be given. This is where suggestions to no longer have the habit
or to modify behaviour are given.

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