NLP Systems Exercise

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Groups of 3

Ten minutes each

•    A relives a happy memory and describes it using as much VAKOG as is relevant.

•    B allows A to describe as fully as possible and then asks questions (VAKOG) to gather more information.

•   C notes the order (which system did A predominantly use, which did they start with) intensity (which system seemed to invoke the most intense states in A) rep systems B seemed to find more easy communicating or asking questions in.

•    Debrief (A can share their rep system preferences from the questionnaire to help the debrief).

•    Rotate roles

Sensory Specific Language (Predicates)

Rep system predicates are the process words (verbs, adverbs, adjectives) which people use to represent their experience internally. They may be sensory (VAKOG) or non-sensory based (unspecified). Below are listed some of the commonly used rep system predicates (words) in the business environment:

When you detect which rep system is presupposed by a client's words, you have information you can use effectively in your communication with him or her.

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