Hypnosis For Concentration

The decision to seek help is the first step. When you come to see me the rest is easy. Pick up the phone
at lets have a quick chat and unleash the fast learning power and focus you desire.

  • Procrastinate instead of doing what needs to be done?
  • Find that when you read information it's not going in?
  • Poor study habits?
  • Poor memory?
  • Absence for reward?
  • Fear of failure?
  • Know that you have the knowledge but can not recall it!
  • There are internal and external factors that need to be addressed to improve studying


We will assess the inhibiting factors to your study. We will together design your learning programme. This includes information about your study area, eliminating external distracters and changing the internal dialogue you are saying to yourself.

We can aid your memory by organising the leaning into a more logical pattern. Rewards need to be built into the plan.

Next we use the power of your unconscious to perceive the learning experience as an opportunity, and gain a positive attitude about it changing the habits and procedures which are detrimental to the learning experience.

Improve your confidence and self esteem.

We can improve your recall of information so that you can access your wonderful mind more easily, improving your study habits.

When you have worked with me your general learning will improve. You will have to let go of the part of you that procrastinates and is not helpful to the learning experience.

You will enjoy the studying process and find that you are setting aside the appropriate amount of time to accomplish your goals.

You will be able to study easier without being distracted and recall the information more quickly, easily and without effort.

In addition to that you will look forward to demonstrating your skills at meetings, presentations or exams. Feel at ease for all those motions.

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