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The decision to seek help is the first step as you are struggling you are probably wandering if hypnosis can help? Yes you are currently struggling as a result of your relationship programing with food and it can be changed yes I can help!

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  • Diets don't work! Have you thought about why 60% of women are starting, finishing or failing on a diet at any one time? Motivation.
  • Any sound nutrition or exercise plan will work to lose weight, but the key is staying doing what you're doing.
  • How many people do you know who have been on a diet and then ended up heavier than when they went on the diet in the first place? Quite simply – diets don't work!
  • This is not a diet – they do not work. Scientific research shows that more than 90% of people, who attempt to lose weight by dieting, fail.
  • If you deprive yourself of food you end up becoming obsessive about it. Also your body is more likely to crave unhealthy foods, reacting as if you were depriving yourself of food. It wants fatty foods to store the food as fat instead of processing it. The body slows down its metabolism as it goes into starvation mode.
  • You can't change the bad habits with will-power alone; the unconscious mind (where behaviours are stored) has to be reprogrammed.
  • Have you had cravings for foods, and then wished you hadn't eaten them?

In order to be healthy we don't need to be on a diet, but to constantly eat well forever. Your habits are programmed and stored in your unconscious. There are many psychological reasons for being overweight. Drinking too many sugary drinks and/or too much alcohol, not drinking enough water, eating too much junk food, not eating a varied enough diet, not taking enough exercise. It could be that you eat too much food or eat too often. The cause could be snacking between meals or eating at the wrong times. You could comfort eat when unhappy, or eat as a reward, eat through guilt or as a punishment. There are many reasons why people become overweight, often psychological. They can all be reprogrammed and I will do this for you. My program doesn't just use NLP and hypnosis, the tools that Paul Mckenna uses, but also aryvedic principles, designed by Deepak Chopra, in order for us to understand why we have the relationships with food that we do and to understand our physiological body type. Deepak Chopra is a Doctor and author of several books, including three best sellers in the USA.


  • If you are overweight it is not your fault, it is just programming. I will show you techniques in order to reprogram these unwanted patterns, so that you lose weight more easily.
  • You will be in control and not fighting with yourself and, unlike a diet, it is a programme where you can eat whatever you like.
  • Have more energy; get the body, fitness and happiness you deserve.
  • Remove cravings and unhelpful habits.
  • You have developed some very unproductive habits, together we can unlock them. No diet can ever change that, but I can!
  • Discover how it is truly possible to lose weight easily and effortlessly.
  • You keep the weight off.

Your relationship with food was programmed; which is good because I know how to reprogramme your unconscious mind with hypnosis and with my unique skills of NLP and Ayevidic principles. Unwanted habits or patterns of behaviour can be changed or modified forever. I will help you master your own emotions and run your own mind. I have helped every one of my clients to lose weight and change their relationship with food and I can help you, too. Since you now know that diets do not work, because we have to change our beliefs and habits that are programmed in our unconscious mind, I will give you the key to unlock that unwanted behaviour. From the first day that you see me, things will start to change.

In addition to following the simple techniques used in many weight loss systems, with NLP you will learn about satiety levels, why we get hungry quickly and how to change it. You will not be giving up anything; some of the habits are a new way of life where you do not deprive yourself of anything. You will be taught simple techniques every time we work together. Your body will be re-programmed to a more natural way of eating. You will learn to speed up your metabolism. Your body tells you when it's hungry and when it's full, but many of us ignore and override the messages . and overeat as a result. Or the signals are sent to the hypothalamus, due to the taste buds not receiving all of the 6 tastes. One reason for getting hungry quickly after eating fast food is that it tastes only of sweet, sour and salt. We need 6 tastes for balance. I will explain all when we work together.

Together we can re-condition your habits and make them work for you. The changes will take effect immediately and for the first time in ages you will enjoy the wonderful feeling of satisfaction that comes from being in control of your eating. You will feel different immediately.

To summarise, here's what you get:

  • Lose weight easily
  • Not a diet but a program for life
  • Change your relationship with food
  • Learn to eat what you want
  • Eat to a level of comfort in the body
  • Eat any type of food
  • Remove comfort eating from your life
  • Techniques to remove cravings
  • If you want to exercise, I can enhance your motivation to do so

When you have worked my programme you will feel more in control around food, feel motivated to take exercise if you want to and feel really happy with your body. You will have a different relationship with food as the weight comes off easily and effortlessly.

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