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"Since meeting Lee my life has changed for the better. I think now with thoughts that empower me. I know have the confidence to confront whatever I am facing in my life ”Aziza Digby”

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Lee Bannister – Personal Change Expert

Lee Bannister is a unique specialist therapist master practitioner with an innate understanding of the synergy between body and mind. A personal change expert, Lee is qualified in advanced neurological re-patterning, anatomy, physiology and massage. He is qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis, and a Master of Ericksonian Hypnosis. Lee is also a Certified Performance Consultant and a master Results Coach.

He creates signature programmes, and treatments at Claridges Hotel in London, and other locations. His approach enables clients to achieve amazing results “bringing body and mind together”. This enables the client to get more of what they want rather than what they don’t want.

Understanding the synergy between body and mind, his techniques have enabled him to be the recommended therapist at the Old Vic Theatre Company, and he works discreetly with actors and directors. The theories and approach that Lee uses has enabled him to work internationally. He has continued to work in the corporate sector for blue chip clients in assessment, development, coaching, NLP training and hypnosis training as well as personal change sessions. He is skilled in the fields of Stress Management, Sports and business Performance Enhancement, Life Coaching and Lee has studied Ayurvedic principles; a complete programme to ensure health and Well-being.

He combines these skills with hypnosis to ensure amazing Breakthroughs to Success. Lee is the pioneer of hypnotherapy-massage, a luxury, unique treatment that takes the client to complete relaxation of body and mind based at the Claridges Hotel.


He has worked privately with a diversity of clients ranging from leaders in business to international athletes and a huge list of actors and celebrities with vastly differing needs. Lee regularly hosts seminars on Stopping Smoking and Weight Loss and is an inspiring speaker who is often asked to give keynote speeches about trance and hypnosis. He is fully insured and a member of the international guild of professional practitioners and also trains delegates to enhance their lives, as they become NLP practitioners. Lee can be booked for conferences where he will enthrall your delegates.