How can hypnosis help you?

Hypnosis can help you in many areas of your life by unleashing the full power of your mind. It can be used to help facilitate change emotionally, spiritually, mentally financially, physically, as well as helping you change habits, behaviours, patterns, and your perspective around things let go of the past or help you get the outcomes you want easier and faster.

You may also have some doubts about what hypnosis can do to you. Hypnosis is not harmful in any way it is completely natural state of mind that you take part in when driving a car, daydreaming, watching a movie or reading a book, however it is completely natural to have some reservations.

It is important that if you have any concerns regarding the process you share with your therapist as they will be able to put you at ease. It is vital that they put you at ease, if they are an expert at the process of helping people this is an easy process for them. If you do not feel comfortable with your coach or therapist, find another one. Regarding hypnosis there are many of the questions that could arise are born from seeing stage hypnosis.

Can you make me act like a chicken, Bark like a dog? The main meaning behind these words are can you be made to do something that is embarrassing, shocking, or irreversible? No, you will not do anything you do not think is acceptable. In other words you cannot be made to do anything that would violate your own values, or accepted patterns of behaviour.

One important factor to remember is that the trance state can be terminated at any point if you felt that it was not appropriate for you. If you were watching a movie and were totally engrossed in it, you would be enjoying a trance state which is similar to hypnosis, however if something was to happen on the television which contradicted your own most important values, you could in a moment, simply decide to switch the channel or terminate the programme, it is the same with hypnosis. If you were involved in a hypnotic session audio recording and the battery went, you would simply awaken when you realised that you were not being spoken to anymore, either that or you would drift into sleep before naturally waking up and returning to full consciousness.





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