Anxiety Help Me Understand What is Happening

Your subconscious mind is a powerful mind that is a meaning making machine, it stores a vast amount of knowledge. It helps you identify objects sounds and sensations at lightning speed.

When we are born we only have a couple of inbuilt responses, a fear of falling, a fear of sudden loud noises, and also a fear of abandonment. The rest of the responses to situation is learnt as you experience life.

As we learn more about things in life we make our own unique perception of things with  our meaning making machine (our brain) it makes generalisations so that we can make meanings faster when we see the stimuli, hear the stimuli, feel it smell it or taste it.

When the generalisations are helpful and empowering we seldom acknowledge them and just get on with our day. However when the brain is generalising in a way that doesn’t serve us positively a whole plethora of negative symptom’s can be created commonly called anxiety. How does this happen? The brain starts out with the mind needing quite a lot of information before it makes its generalisations, about situations or events.

As it learns more it may only need a small amount of information or a few clues and this can be enough for the subconscious to create a whole story and unique perception of the event.  It is then that you react to the story it has made. It may start to make huge meanings that don’t serve you and this is what is happening if you are experiencing anxiety.

It may start out that you are fearful of large groups when having to speak up, but before you know it, your brain makes a the same generalisation about a group meeting, normal meeting, and worse still it can start to fear the anticipatation of  the event. A simple email could trigger of the symptom’s even though consciously you know that this is not a real threatening situation.  The most important factor to realise that this is what your brain is currently doing is not fixed and you and your mind are the controller of it when you know what you are doing and you work with an expert, it is like being given the remote control back to your television. Yes when yoy havre the remote of your mind you can then decide the pictures and movies you want to run in your mind, and when you can decide you can decide on positive ones. The positive ones get you feeling more positive and you can decide to delete from the hard drive generalisations that create anxiety. Your mind can learn a new more positive way to be free. Pick up the phone and give us a call and allow me to share with you how you can change today.

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