What is TFT?

TFT is a cutting edge treatment that can be used to reduce and eliminate emotional distress. It is used for phobias, anxiety, stress, compulsions and addictions. It is based upon the principles of contemporary clinical psychology and Chinese medicine (acupuncture). It is a drug free and pain free method which involves tapping into the body's energy and clearing energy blocks. This is achieved by gently tapping specific Energy Meridian points and has a high success rate.

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When we think of a particular problem we generate an individual Thought Field, in much the same way as an electrical field is generated around an item of electrical equipment. According to TFT theory, emotional problems are generated by equally specific patterns of interference in the Thought Fields. These patterns have been found to generate the power behind the emotion. TFT aims to remove these patterns, thereby eliminating the problem.

During a treatment, you will be asked to 'think and hold the thought' of your problem as clearly as possible in your mind. While doing so, you are taken through an Algorithm tapping sequence on your upper body and hands.

This activates the Thought Field associated with the problem and then clears the pattern within it. As each pattern in the Thought Field is dealt with, the distress experienced diminishes until it is no-longer present. You can remember the problem, but experience no further emotional distress.

"TFT is a treatment for psychological disturbances which provides a code that, when applied to a psychological problem the individual is attuned to, will eliminate perturbations in the Thought Field, the fundamental cause of all negative emotions. This code is elicited through TFT's causal diagnostic procedure, through which the TFT algorithms were developed" Roger J Callahan…..Founder of TFT

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