What is hypnosis?

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What is self hypnosis?

Think of a time when you were really relaxed, and take a few moments to remember what it was like to experience it. See what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel what you felt when you were experiencing that state.

To what degree were you able to enter back into the state? The process of remembering the experience and entering back into it is itself an example of self hypnosis!

Sometimes people say "But I wasn't able to enter into it as fully as I did when it was really happening. I still knew it wasn't real." That's a good thing! Part of why you've survived up to now is because you can differentiate between things that are really happening and things that are made up. Well done – keep up the good work!

Hypnosis allows someone else to control you?

If you've seen footage of Derren Brown getting someone to think of something and then Brown reading their mind, or of Paul McKenna getting someone to dance like a chicken or eat an onion as though it were an apple, it's probably quite easy to believe that hypnosis allows someone else to control you.

These examples of hypnosis in ‘entertainment' situations take place in a very specific context. The people who take part are typically ‘pre-screened' to ensure that they are willing to engage fully in the experience for a limited time and in a specific environment.

People who go along with a stage hypnotist typically report that they felt as though they could have stopped at any time, but they just didn't want to. If they wanted to, they would have. The people who didn't want to take part didn't even put themselves forward in the first place.

All hypnosis is ultimately self-hypnosis. No matter what hypnotic words a person might say to you, it's ultimately you who translates those words, makes sense of them, and decides whether to accept or reject their suggestions.

I do not believe it's possible to hypnotise someone into doing something that contravenes their personal values or beliefs. Having said this, there are a number of factors that can increase the likelihood of a person's suggestions being accepted by someone else, including the following:

  • The intention of the person offering suggestions
  • Relationship and rapport between the two people
  • Authority of the person giving the suggestions
  • The state of the person receiving the suggestions
  • The fit of the suggestions with the recipient's values and beliefs
  • Voice tone and pace
  • Type of language used, etc.

The fact is we are all hypnotists. Think of a person who you feel really good being with. Now think of someone who brings you down whenever you are with them.

Chances are both these people are excellent hypnotists. The way they use their state, body language and verbal communications is able to influence your state in significant and powerful ways.

The most effective way to avoid coming under the ‘spell' of everyday hypnotists is to learn hypnosis yourself. When you understand how hypnosis works, and how its patterns can be used accidentally to a person's detriment, it's fairly straightforward to avoid being accidentally hypnotised.

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