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Every school boy knows that science never proves anything. Yes it sometimes proves hypotheses, sometimes even disproves them. We can say that ‘proof’ arrived at by some process of perception may imply that such and such a supposition causes such and such an abstraction. How sound can our ‘truth’ of perception, based on an induction from a perception be? We base our realities on the basis of the rule of parsimony or Occam’s razor. That is a preference for the simplest assumption that will fit the facts.

If we consider that our own perceptual filters, our beliefs and values (some of which we may not even be consciously aware of) influence what we see, what we hear and what we feel. What we expect, will be in our map of the world.

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The epistemological question ‘How do we know?’ is fundamental to NLP. The use of this question alone begins to explore your map of the world and exploration is change – no matter how small.

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We experience whatever is out there (reality) through our own neural circuits. So whatever radiation is received by say our eyes is passed through our receptors and converted into information for the brain. The brain then does some interpretation to create the image that we see with our eyes. This is what we see in the moment, not a memory of the event. 

When we recall a memory we access some part of our coded map of the world. Do you see the memory in full colour? Is it through your own eyes / can you see yourself? Do you recall all of the sounds clearly? More interestingly – do you recall the event exactly as you first coded it or could it have been mysteriously altered!

In real time the image we see has first been transformed by our receptors – know as the f1 transforms then the brain has interpreted these transformed signals to produce what we see at any given moment – First Access FA That’s what you are experiencing now.

Because of the limitations of our biological filters, our receptors are limited the range of radiation we can detect; we are further limited by our own filters. Information is deleted, distorted and generalised at an unconscious level and this is as we are seeing, feeling and hearing ‘reality’ at any given time.

After the actual event of seeing or hearing or feeling something we encode this information into our memory. The memory encoding process is known as the natural language transforms or f2 transforms. We may then further alter our perceptions as we ascribe meaning to what has happened, we may even label our experiences or our interpretation of our experiences. Each time we access a memory the process of deletion, distortion and generalisation occur again.

The operating belief ‘The map is not the territory’ was made famous by Alfred Korzybski considering what we now know the territory is not even the territory.

F1 Transforms:
The set of transformations that occur between the sensory receptors and cortex, to create the VAKOG representation. The neurological processes of F1 are influenced by filters created by conditioning (e.g. deeply held values, beliefs & primal meta programs.

First Access:
Our first representation of the world. FA has been heavily transformed as a result of F1 transforms. The FA representation is sensory based and does not have language attached.

F2 Transforms:
The process of coding the sensory based FA representation. We map the data at FA onto our internal maps (made up of internal pictures, sounds and feelings, and natural language hierarchies.) The F2 transforms are influenced by values, beliefs, Metaprograms and memories (conscious and unconscious)

Linguistic Representation:
This is the internal linguistic mental map which has been subject to F2 transforms and is presented using natural language.

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