Hypnosis Tip – Rapport Building By Sensory Acuity and Calibration

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Sensory Acuity is the art of paying attention to minor shifts in skin tone, speech patterns, movement, rhythm, and other non-verbal cues that we all give out as our psychological states change. Noticing these shifts, which can range from minimal to striking in their intensity is the key to calibrating the way an individual is processing their thoughts.

In order to deliberately build rapport with another person, we need to be able to see, hear and feel the rhythms they are using in order to match them. A person's thought process is very closely tied with their physiology. A dog senses your fear: how did he know if you didn't tell him. If a friend is depressed, most of us can tell without even talking with them. We pick up these clues from their body: slumped shoulders, eyes downcast, head down, lack of animation. Sensory acuity takes these observations beyond the more obviously recognizable clues and uses the physical feedback in addition to someone's words to gain as much from communication as possible.

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