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If you are a busy professional and are looking to remove stress from your life allow me to help you today.
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I have helped a number of people remove stress from their life and I look forward to helping you, but if your looking for more information what is it?

  • Stress is your internal perception and interpretation of a threat.
  • You experience stress because of fears, or beliefs that state "I should have" or you mentally exacerbate the problem to catastrophic proportions.
  • You are exposed to stimuli that tax your physical, mental or emotional capabilities beyond their limits
  • You either inherited it or it was programmed
  • Stress is you body thinking it is under attack – it responds by going into "fight or flight" mode
  • The challenge we must all meet is a forecast doubling in pace of change over the next five years.
  • Last year illness cost British business an estimated £8 billion. 60% to 65% of that was emotionally based [stress].
  • "By the year 2004 stress will be the western world's number one cause of premature death" (World Health Organisation).

When you overload a car, you stand a good chance of damaging its suspension and once the damage is done, repair work becomes necessary. The human body reacts in much the same way to an over-load of stress.

Stress is a human condition going back to the earliest stages of evolution. Primitive human beings frequently faced life and death situations. Alertness, speed and strength were essential to survival. Today the body's response to stress is often unhelpful.

The automated response to stress is the release of adrenaline, which causes the heart rate to go up, and muscle tension. Continued exposure to stress is not healthy for our physical and mental well-being and can have an adverse effect on health. The body reflects the mind's state. How tense are you shoulders? Research has found that we may not realise this. The body is in a state more appropriate for standing in a boxing ring. People can become stress addicts and in this state are more vulnerable to disease, unaware of the harm they are doing. The effects on our emotional and psychological well- being can be devastating, causing people to react without being aware, and can lead to depression, anxiety, disconnection, panic, anger, insecurity and frustration. Mental illness, addictions and drug dependency can all be caused by stress. The good news is that these responses can be reprogrammed so we have more positive responses and remove the parts that do not help us.


  • Reduce or eliminate the stress effect
  • Incorporate new physical and mental responses
  • Programme an imaginary shield around you to protect you from pressure and stress in the future
  • Help you understand your physiological body and mind type and give you specific advice to maintain a healthy body and mind



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When you work with me your specific needs are determined through consultation and from this point we can pin point your stress stimuli and understand your physical and emotional response to it. Then we can start to reprogramme it.

Just as the body has a fight of flight response, it also has a relaxation response. This is the direct opposite to fight or flight and has the effect of calming the body and mind. While you are relaxing there is slower breathing, abdominal breathing and lowered blood pressure, allowing your body to recover from strains placed upon it during everyday life.

I will show you this kind of restful and deep relaxation. I will show you how to relax in seconds. While in this state it allows for clearer and more constructive thinking. Prolonged periods of relaxation will increase the body's secretion of happy chemicals (Serotonin). I will show you techniques to enable you to move from a state of stress into a state of relaxation. Next we remove the stress stimuli and programme an imaginary shield around you to protect you from pressure and stress so that it just bounces away. When you have seen me you will be able to deal with everyday tasks that used to be stressful.

The opposite of stress

  • The body has a relaxation response
  • This uses abdominal breathing and blood pressure is lowered to normal levels allowing the body to recover from the strains placed upon it during everyday life
  • In this state your body secretes happy mood chemicals
  • Relaxation of this kind allows you to deal with everyday tasks more efficiently
  • Hypnosis, and my treatment of hypnotherapy-massage, uses this kind of relaxation
  • I provide all my clients with a personalised programme and once the effects of stress have changed I can teach you how to practice self- hypnosis
  • 30 minutes of hypnosis is the equivalent of 2-3 hours of sleep

When you have been to see me you will have reprogrammed responses to the stressful stimuli and be able to incorporate the new responses into your life. We will have worked cognitively to ensure that we are working in a way that will not allow these symptoms to return. You will be relaxed and secure. You will no longer worry about things that you cannot change or control. You will be internally relaxed and mentally focussed, which is important to your health. Also we will reprogramme you to be shielded from pressures and stress so that you remain calm, feeling relaxed, focussed and alert in situations that may have caused stress in the past. You will become aware of your state and will have received specific advice to ensure future health and well-being.

In addition you will have learned how to enter relaxation mode. In the relaxation mode your body is content. Hypnosis uses this powerful altered state of consciousness, and this state is the state induced during my pioneering hypnotherapy-massage treatment. Stress can be treated using hypnosis, hypnotherapy-massage, or as a part of rapid-development day. Your specific requirements can be discussed.

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