Rep Systems

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It is possible to gain useful information about how people are processing information by noticing changes in their physiology. It is also possible to identify a person’s favored rep system by observation. Remember, to check your observations though as they are not necessarily true.

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Visual – ‘When I first saw this brilliant proposition I could see quite clearly that here was a bright idea that would immediately throw light on the best way to go forward way, beyond a shadow of a doubt. In light of events since then I believe we have a clear cut chance to show just how focused we can be.’

Auditory – ‘As soon as I heard this great sounding proposition it rang a bell with me – this is an idea that will resonate with many of our employees. This kind of proposition, to tell the truth, has been unheard of in this company and its conclusion needs to be voiced loud and clear.’

Kinaesthetic – ‘This is a solid and firm proposition that made an immediate impact on me and is easy to get to grips with. It may take a bit of handling to make sure that things will run smoothly but what it essentially boils down to is that we cannot afford to let this concrete advantage slip through our fingers.’

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