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Rapid development personal coaching is for the elite and successful who want to create a change for the better is this you?

A bespoke program working over a period of time to suit you; either 2 hours, a half or a full day or on weekly or montly basis.  Ideal for busy people who want a challenging and rewarding experience which produces rapid change for personal or corporate use. By utilising the power of your wonderful mind, harnessing its full power, you will see and feel the difference and recognise a breakthrough in your mental capacity.

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Using the tools of NLP, Ayurvedic principles and other cutting edge techniques we reprogramme unwanted behaviours, remove perceived weaknesses and build and maximise your strengths.

Working with your unconscious mind and conscious mind together means maximum learning in the shortest time-frame possible.

Also ayurvedic psychometrics are used to discover your body-mind type, if relevent giving you a plethora of information to reduce stress and create more balance in your mind and body.

Any of the treatments from the hypnotherapy section, can be incorporated into these programmes, and after the session you will feel like you made a real breakthrough.

"If you are looking for a personal coaching for rapid transformation allow me to consult for you"


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