Hypnosis For Self Confidence and Positivity

IF you are looking for hypnosis for self confidence then I can help.

  • Internally uncomfortable presenting external confidence
  • Think poorly of yourself
  • Criticise yourself or others
  • Poor self esteem

The most important fact in not having internal confidence is our past programming. If you think of our brain as a computer it has been programmed, and it will always react the same way until you alter the software or reprogram it.

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You may have been conditioned to be afraid of failure, this can hold you back so that you feel it is better to fail now, to avoid failing later.

You could view your physicality critically, this effects the person you are to the point that you could actually say things that you think people want to hear as opposed to things you want to say.

You view things with a negative outlook, your thoughts and values become debilitating beliefs that don't help you, in fact they trap you. You avoid situations and have feelings that keep you where you are.

The things you say compound these beliefs to keep you in the same place.


When you come and see me the first thing we will do is remove negative programming, this includes any labels that have not helped you, given to you by your parents inadvertently. "Thick", "lazy", "clumsy", and any consequently given yourself, "I just don't think I could do that".

You will immediately feel better and improve your self projection which is how you think people perceive you. You will be less concerned about people's opinions of you.

Now you have alternative perceptions and additional information to any situation, so you see yourself and accept your self.

Next we change your persective and internal beliefs and change them (reframing). "I can't do it" can easily become I am unable at the moment to do this because of the lack of this when I have this there will be nothing to hold me back. If I have X I can take charge. Self esteem is a fundamental right for you to have and we will install this belief pattern and remove the part of you that worries unnecessarily.

I will help you with self acceptance. Whatever you did, you did at that point in your life due to your beliefs your knowledge at that point and those resources. You are human-treat yourself like one and see that you are a wonderful human being. Now your negative programming has been removed and any emotions holding you back are left in the past. You can move forward quickly. This can be done without discussing them or even remembering them. Easily and effortlessly.

You will notice change in your acceptance of your self-esteem and will be internally and externally more confident in every way.

  • Additional skills taught to you
  • Internal dialogue changed
  • Internally referenced

After you have come to see me you will know that you are worth it, worth your goals and you will accept yourself. You will have a positive outlook knowing that nothing holds you back. You will look forward with optimism and enthusiasm you will make choices that enhance your life.

You will no longer worry about things you can not control. You will be internally confident and less of a bundle of reactions. More at peace. Internally referenced and, no matter what stresses you have you will be more in control. Do you wish to understand why you reacted under certain circumstances? We can use aryurveda principles which translated, means knowledge of life. In order to understand yourself on a deeper level and have the choices to balance a healthy mind and body through the senses and, no matter what stresses enter your life, have complete control over the way you react.

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