Playing With Predicates Exercise

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Groups of 6

Thirty minutes total


In this exercise you are going to make up and tell a story (romance, mystery, thriller or whatever you choose). The story must start in one location (e.g. Greenland) and move to another (with at least one thousand miles between locations). It must end with a bang!

•    One person starts the story using Visual predicates (two sentences), each person continues using two sentences (visual predicates), any other commentary is in non-specific (auditory digital language)
•    In round two change the predicate to Auditory only
•    In round three change the predicate to Kinaesthetic only
•    In round four change the predicate to O/G only
•    In round five choose whichever predicate system you wish
•    Repeat until the story is finished and the hero / heroine saves the day or gets the boy / girl

Using predicates conversationally

Groups of three

Twenty minutes total

•  A says a sentence to B. The sentence must contain two different sensory predicates. For example:

”I stood on the hill looking out over a bright clear sunset knowing I’d have to pull some strings to set myself free”

•    B responds to A using predicates from the same two systems in the same order.

•    C responds to A using predicates from two different systems.

•  Continue as above with each person taking turns to initiate and respond with matching and mismatching predicates (ensure that all systems are covered)

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