NLP Certified – Competencies for Practitioner Status


If you are looking to change yourself and get the life you want taking part in a NLP practitioner can help you learn skills and techniques that can change your life. When working with someone who has taken this level it is important that they follow this up by constantly working with tools of NLP as the tools create success when applied by an expert. The competencies below are just the first step to becoming a master of human transformation.

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•    Understanding and acting on the Presuppositions of NLP
•    Achieving and maintaining conscious and unconscious rapport with groups and / or individuals
•    Understanding of the NLP Communications model
•    The ability to effect content free change for others
•    The ability to elicit and use unconscious signals in self and others
•    Use of representation system predicates, and non-verbal information to pace and lead an individual’s emotional state
•    Calibrating non-verbal behavior
•    The ability to anchor and self anchor different states
•    The ability to use the Change History technique
•    Understanding and use of logical levels
•    Use of Personal Editing formats
•    Use of New Code games
•    Elicitation and use of sub-modalities to alter an emotional state
•    Ability to conduct a contrastive analysis and mapping across techniques
•    The ability to associate and dissociate from emotional states
•    The ability to resolve phobias
•    Understanding of Modelling
•    Use of swish techniques
•    The ability to create and / or recognize internal congruence
•    Understanding and use of the Meta Model
•    Understanding and use of the Clean Language model
•    Resolution of internal and interpersonal conflict using re-framing
•    Understanding and use of neurological levels
•    Understanding and use of time line techniques
•    Elicitation of outcomes that meet the well formed outcome conditions
•    Understanding of the concept of ecology and of using ecology checks
•    The ability to create a part that will be responsible for new behavior, and to integrate parts
•    Understanding the difference between intention and behavior
•    The ability to induce an hypnotic trance in others and to access a self trance
•    Understanding and use of the Milton Model
•    The ability to construct and alter metaphors to create personal change
•    The ability to understand and alter perceptual positions

Well done for ready all of that stuff does it sound a bit funny the co-founder of NLP was a linguistic and sometimes and can seem like learning a new language. The important factor to remember is that NLP can help you change your life even if you think you are stuck!

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