Metaphors and Story Telling

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Creating a Metaphor                

A successful metaphor must first pace the client's current experience by using the same sequence of steps, rep systems and submodalities as his present state. The content does not have to be the same, in fact the more different and interesting the better. There needs to be a smooth transition to the desired state or to the learning you want them to take with them.

So, someone presents you with their ‘problem,' lets say its "learning NLP is hard!"

We have a number of ways to approach this:

Direct Metaphor: where you are making a direct comparison between their situation and the story you are telling. You might talk to them about how when you were very young you learned the alphabet and it seemed incomprehensible when you first looked at it.

Indirect Metaphor: where you are making an indirect comparison, drawing parallels which are not immediately obvious (but are likely to be spotted by the person's unconscious mind). You might talk about sorting out the cupboard and be quite creative!

Stories: have been used for thousands of years … because they work as a means for teaching and passing on history, culture and beliefs! They are also interesting. Here you have a choice of thousands of stories, parables, fables, moments in films you saw, articles you read … the choice is endless!

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