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It is really useful to understand your own preferences so you can  develop the flexibility to use others, representation systems.  The more that you use other rep systems the more you will become accustomed to them and this gives you more flexibility in building rapport easily and effortlessly with people who on the surface may seem different to you.

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Rep System Phrases


Below are listed some of the more commonly used rep system predicate phrases:

Visual (See)




An eyeful

bird's eye view

Dim view

Get perspective

In view of

Mental image

Naked eye

Plainly see


Staring off in space

Tunnel vision





Appears to me

Catch a glimpse

Eye to eye

Under the radar

In light of

Looks like

Mental picture

Paint a picture

Pretty as a picture

Showing off

Take a peek





Beyond shadow of a doubt


Flashed on

Hazy idea

In person

Make a scene

Mind's eye

See to it

Sight for sore eyes

Up front




Auditory (Hear)





Clearly expressed


Give me your ear

Hold your tongue

Keynote speaker

Pay attention to


State your purpose








Clear as a bell

Call on

Describe in detail

Express yourself

Give an account of

Grant an audience

Heard voices

Idle talk

Inquire into

Loud and clear

Manner of speaking





Power of speech

Purrs like a kitten

Rap session

Rings a bell


To tell the truth

Tuned in

Unheard of

Voiced an opinion


Word for word



Kinaesthetic (Feel / Do)




All washed up

Come to grips with

Firm foundation

Get a load of this

Get your goat

Heated argument


Lay cards on table

Not following you

Slipped my mind

Start from scratch

Too much a hassle





Boils down to

Chip off the old block

Control yourself Cool/calm/collected

Floating on air

Get a handle on

Get in touch with

Get the drift of


Hang in there!

Hold it!

Hold on!





Keep your shirt on!



Moment of panic

Pull some strings

Sharp as a tack

Smooth operator


Stiff upper lip

Stuffed shirt




The more you can play with the above phrases the  more flexibility you will have to communicate with the variety of people across all representational systems.

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