Hypnosis for Public Speaking Phobia Or Public Speaking Fear

If you have a phobia of public speaking I can help you!
If you want to be empowered and enjoy public speaking I can help you!

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The decision to seek help is the first step. When you come to see me the rest is easy.

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Do you freeze before or during meetings or presentations?

Do you experience a dry mouth, blushing or sweating?

Do you feel terrified?

Does even the prospect of saying a few words at a farewell do at work 'cause you to feel like you are in the grip of a panic attack?

When doing a presentation do you suddenly find yourself struggling to find the right words, desperate to escape? Do you dread the thought of a meeting or presentation and feel your heart beat speeding up? Perhaps you are at an interview and the feelings become unbearable?


Hypnosis is the key to overcoming this anxiety and being able to speak with confidence. Maybe you are asked to be best man at a wedding and even the thought of speaking in public fills you with dread and fear? Perhaps you have been in a meeting and were suddenly asked to make a few points – all you can feel is your heart palpitating and your skin sweating? You have been asked to give a presentation to colleagues or clients and the first thing that comes to mind is how to get out of this? When you come to see me you will be made to feel more comfortable in these situations by removing the programming in your subconscious.

Remove Fear Of Public Speaking

By working with me, a hypnotherapist who has appeared in front of thousands of people over a thousand times, I will ensure that you become confident and calmer the next time you are asked to speak up. Once the negative feelings are removed we will be able to instil ultimate confidence and belief in your skills. You will be at ease, confident in your ability and free. Finally you will learn how to be the ultimate public speaker by using techniques of projection, audibility, clarity, diction and inflection.

The fear is removed quickly and you will feel comfortable immediately. Fear is removed in 2-3 sessions. How brilliant you want to become after that will be discussed during our fun process.

Treatment is given usually in a maximum of 2 sessions.

Your phobia is easy to erase. If your thinking of hypnosis for public speaking or to remove phobia Why wait? Book now for hypnosis for public speaking and more..
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