Hypnosis for Pain management | Pain Control Hypnosis does it work?

Firstly I am so sorry to hear that you are in pain, pain is usually the body and mind telling you to
pay attention to something. And and some point we have to be ready to say enough is enough and 
I am ready to let it go, if you are ready to say goodbye to pain, pick up the phone and give me a call.

Before I work with anyone on pain control I would need a letter from your doctor to confirm that it 
is ok to remove the pain you are experiencing.

>>Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions I am looking forward to helping you.

Here are just a few things that people have pain around:

  • Experiencing pain due to surgery,
  • Illnesses and/or disease.
  • Pain is the number 1 reason that people seek help.
  • Pain of cancer is experienced by 18 million throughout the world.
  • 70 million people in the world seek help with excruciating back pain.
  • 36 million seek help with arthritis.
  • 20 million with seek help with migraine headaches.
  • If you include other pains 1/3 of the people in the states are in pain.
  • Pain killers can have a debilitating effect on your mental stamina and have side effects to your personality.

Pain causes distress to so many people. What causes pain? Imagine you have shut your finger in the drawer. Several chemical substances that are stored near your nerve endings are released. These chemicals make the nerve endings sensitive, so that the pain message can be sent to the brain, at the same time increased swelling is the result of increased circulation to the area its intention is to heal and fight off bacteria. The message is sent via the spinal chord to the brain and to the cortex where the location of the pain is deciphered "aghh" you yell" and pull out your finger.

This structure is the same regardless of the stimulant and the path of pain has the basic physiological reactions to it. Without it you could continually burn yourself without being aware.

How I can help you?

Hypnosis can make an extremely valuable contribution to the management of acute and chronic pain. There are many ways hypnosis can help just some of them are listed below.

Pain is exacerbated by fear and this can be removed so that you are more comfortable, if you take away the fear the pain spontaneously is reduced.

Many people have a fear of hospital or doctors this can be removed and then with the use of positive suggestion you can feel more assured.

Hypnosis can be used to remove fear of needles, where frequent testing is required.

Confusion and distraction techniques can be employed when in pain.

Direct suggestion can be used to induce analgesia, including painting numbing medicine onto the part that may include pain.

Hypnosis can transform your attitude to pain. So you no longer feel a victim, or helpless you feel more at ease taking charge of the situation.

Displacement can be done these are suggestions that pain can move from one part to another.

The intensity of the pain can be reduced by turning down the signals being sent.

Pain in the extremities is less worrying than pain in the abdominal for example so pain transference can be used to move the pain to a different area.

Glove anaesthesia is another way, hypnosis can help suggestions that the hand is numb then transferring the feeling to the painful areas any part that is touched.

Disassociation by asking the client to engage in something enjoyable and moving the pain away from the body often helps.

Pain can be reduced and removed by imagining feelings of happiness.

Transform, hypnosis deals with pain by altering our perception of it.

Substituting another sensation such as warmth instead of pain can be of help to the sufferer to reinterpret the feeling on an unpleasant sensation.

Direct diminution; can be used
Suggesting that the pain will reduce and gradually go just like turning the volume down. Neurophysiological Metaphor; Asking the client to imagine a control panel in which you can turn down the pain. Creating a visible form; by giving the pain an imaginary shape or form altering your perception of the pain.

Time distortion;
Suggesting that when there is pain time will pass quickly, and when no pain it will pass slowly giving the sense that comfort lasts longer than pain.

Age regression and progression; going back to a time when the client had no pain or in the future when they are pain free. Imagine time passing by quickly at times of extreme pain.

Hypnosis is often used to compliment many medical treatments for many conditions it can help overcome the pain, anxiety reduce bleeding cut down anaesthesia ,stimulate the immune system.

Pain is a necessary and important within the bodies system. Without it we would not know whether you were injured or ill. After getting an accurate diagnosis of your condition the use of hypnosis can be used.

The most appropriate techniques will be used for so that you feel more in control reducing fear and anxiety, reducing pain in the most appropriate way and then hypnosis can be used to aid healing process.

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