Hypnosis for anxiety | Can it remove panic attacks?

You are probably wandering if a life of anxiety  is going to be your life, forever and would do anything to escape, also one of your thoughts may be can hypnosis for anxietyreally help?

YES!  I can help you, pick up the phone and give us a call and I can share some tips
on how to help.

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The feelings of anxiety or panic attacks are similar to stress but often there are cognitive factors.

In most cases you are in a situation that is perceived to be a threat. This situation leads to a thought, which is often catastrophised and then often over-estimated and built on, this then leads to the symptoms of panic and/or anxiety.

  • You make unrealistic statements that keep you in alarm
  • You begin to fear the fear itself
  • You reject you own feelings and try to fight them
  • You avoid situations or people that evoke the feelings
  • You find coping strategies that you believe help you

Anxiety and Panic attacks start with a natural self-protecting mechanism; the body's automated response to stress is to release adrenaline, causing the heart rate to go up; your body sends energy to the muscles as it perceives danger, ready to defend itself.

Your body tenses, your heart beat increases, you get butterflies in your stomach. As your anxiety develops you become sensitized to any hint of possible danger. This means that your nerves are heightened and a minor conflict can set off a panic attack.

Now you start to anticipate fear itsself. You try to avoid the stimuli. You dread the symptoms in your body. You resent the feelings of fear – pounding heart, dizziness, shortness of breath, sweating, trembling hands or feet, lump in your throat, hot and cold flushes. You resist and fight anything unusual happening in your body. You put your body under a microscope and are hyper-vigilant for symptoms of an approaching panic. This ultimately encourages you to avoid situations, persons or things that evoke feelings of arousal or anxiety. What started as a situation was built by thoughts to avoidance of situations or people.


Adrenaline is metabolised in less than 3 minutes. This means that its effects can go away just as quickly as they came on.

When you come to see me I will help you to relax, accept the feelings and symptoms of panic and replace beliefs with new responses. You will be able to control the feelings instead of intensifying them. Finally, we remove future predictions that you find yourself making about your panic symptoms. Allowing you to feel comfortable with the stimulus that was a problem in the past.

Explore how your panic symptoms arise

  • Reduce or eliminate the stress effect
  • Relax in the middle of an attack & accept the physical sensations that accompany the attack
  • Stop the thoughts that produce or exacerbate the attack
  • Gain more control over your anxieties and stresses
  • Replace the thoughts with coping affirmations

When you work with me we look at how your panic symptoms arise. We discuss the physical symptoms and then what you tell yourself about the situation. Then we reprogramme new responses to the stimulus and reprogramme the thoughts that you tell yourself. We incorporate the new responses into your life. We work with your conscious mind and your subconscious to ensure that we are working together to eradicate these symptoms so they will never return. Next I reprogram you to be shielded by pressures and stress so that you remain calm, relaxed, focused and alert in situations that may have caused stress in the past.

To summarise, here's what you get:

  • No longer have anxiety about those particular stimuli.
  • Accept feelings of the past.
  • Be comfortable when given the stimuli that bothered you in the past and be comfortable about it in the future.
  • Be more positive, stronger, more self-assured.
  • Programme an imaginary shield around you to protect you from pressure and stress in the future.

After working with me you will have techniques to change your state and be able to relax easily and effortlessly.

You will be able to accept your feelings, cope with and control your fears of the past. You will be comfortable about the future, float past previous problems or stimuli from the past. Because of this you will be able to strengthen your goals and create a new positive future. You will find that you will be calmer and, due to the negative effects on stress. In addition I will help you to understand your physiological body type and give you specific advice so that you are aware when you are going out of balance (becoming stressed) and will give you specific advice and techniques to maintain balance in the body and the mind.

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Hypnosis for anxiety can help you remove panic attacks forever

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