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Artfully Vague Language

Part of Erickson's approach was that he spoke in an ‘artfully vague' fashion. For example, if I say "Your arms feel relaxed", you can say "No they don't". But if I say, "You may be starting to notice certain sensations somewhere in your body", the chances are that you will start to notice them. Artfully vague language can be very useful for all sorts of things, including:

1.    Pacing a persons experience and leading them in a new direction

2.    Gathering resources

3.    Covertly getting them to do things that they would resist if you told them to do it overtly

4.    Getting access to the extraordinary power of the unconscious mind

Look at it this way. You're reading this manual, and you're reading it for a reason, because you have certain things that you want to learn, so you may be interested in discovering how you can put these new learnings to use.

If you re-read that sentence, it sounds specific but is in fact very vague. All the things I've said in that sentence are guesses about your experience, but they are vague enough to be true for almost anyone. Let's take it step by step:

1.    You're reading this website.

OK, that's definitely true.

2.    and you're reading it for a reason            

Well, that's probably true to. Plus, the ‘and' makes this statement flow nicely on from the previous one

3.    because you have certain things that you want to learn

Which things? Certain things. Oh, those ones! Well, you didn't tell me that, but I'm guessing it. And the ‘because' makes the previous statement even more plausible, because people like there to be reasons for things. It makes the world seem, somehow, more certain!

4.    so you may be interested in discovering how you can put these new learnings to use..

Well, this is just made up. I don't know this at all, at all. But if I've managed to get you to say ‘yes' to the previous few statements, you probably said yes to this one too.  This sentence is super-vague, yet it's the sort of thing that people will agree to, because it sounds specific. In my experience, people will always try to make sense of the things you say to them. This means that the more you are able to use language in this ‘hypnotic' way, the more influential you will be (whether you're doing formal hypnosis or not). This is one of the keys to effective influence in any field.

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