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Answer each question with the very first response that comes to mind. If you have trouble deciding between two answers, tick the one that occurs first.

When you recall a time you were immensely drawn to someone, what was the very first thing that attracted you to them? Was it:
a.    The way they looked
b.    Something they said to you or that you heard
c.    The way they touched you or something you felt

When you recall a particularly wonderful holiday you had, what’s the very first experience you remember? Was it:
a.    The way the place looked
b.    The different way it sounded to you
c.    The feeling you got about holidaying there

When you drive, how do you navigate?
a.    I look at road signs or follow a map of the area
b.    I listen for familiar sounds that point me in the right direction
c.    I get a gut feeling or sense of where I am

When I play my favourite sport, I particularly enjoy:
a.    How I look playing at it
b.    The sound of the game, such as the thwack of the ball
c.    The feel of the game, the grip of the club or the sense of motion

When I get a task at work, it is easier to understand and carry out if:
a.    It is written or I have a plan
b.    It is explained to me
c.    I get a sense of purpose, clarity from it

When my problems get me down, I find it helps to:
a.    Write them down so I can see them clearly
b.    Talk or listen to another until my problems sound easier to hear
c.    Sort them out inside my head until they make sense

I find it easier to be with my friends if:
a.    They communicate using ‘to the point’ statements
b.    They interact with me through easy to hear and varying speech
c.    I get a feeling that they know where I am coming from

When I make decisions it helps to:
a.    Picture the possible choices in my mind’s eye
b.    Hear both sides of a dialogue within my mind
c.    Sense how I would feel if either choice came to pass

Which group do I tend to favour?
a.    Photography, painting, reading, drawing, films
b.    Music, the sound of the sea, the wind, chimes, concerts
c.    Ball games, massage, touching, craft work, reflection

During sex, I like to:
a.    Look at what is going on
b.    Hear my lover
c.    Feel every sensation

When I buy an article of clothing, after first seeing it the very next thing I do is:
a.    Take another look at it or picture myself wearing it
b.    Listen closely to the sales assistant or have a conversation with myself giving the pros and cons of buying it
c.    Get a feeling about it or touch it to know if it’s something I’d enjoy wearing

On the occasions when I think of a former lover or special person, the very first thing I do is:
a.    See the person in my mind’s eye
b.    Hear his or her voice in my mind
c.    Get a certain feeling about the person

At a gym, my experience of satisfaction comes first from:
a.    Seeing myself in the mirror getting better
b.    Hearing myself or others say how good I’m looking
c.    Feeling my body get stronger and sensing it’s more in shape

When I have occasion to use mathematics, I verify the answer by:
a.    Looking at the numbers to see if they look correct
b.    Counting the numbers in my head
c.    Using my fingers to get a sense of correctness

When I spell, I verify accuracy by:
a.    Looking at the word in my mind’s eye to see if it looks the way it should
b.    Saying the word out loud or hearing it in my mind
c.    Getting a feeling about the way the word is spelt

The subject I enjoyed the most in school came about primarily as a result of:
a.    The way it looked on the board or in books
b.    The sound of the subject as it was taught to me
c.    My sense of interest as I learned more about it

When I love someone, I get an immediate experience of:
a.    The way we look together through the eyes of love
b.    The sound of telling him or her or being told, “I love you”
c.    A feeling or sense of warmth toward that person

When I take a dislike to someone, I get an immediate experience of distaste:
a.    When I see them approach
b.    When they begin talking to me
c.    When I sense they’re nearby

At the beach, the very first thing that makes me glad to be there is:
a.    The look of the sand, the smiling sun, and the ice-blue water
b.    The sound of the waves, the laughing wind, and distant whispers
c.    The feel of the sand, the salt air on my lips and the joy of serenity

Having a conversation at a party, my whole frame of experience will change if:
a.    The lights get brighter or dimmer
b.    The music changes pace
c.    The room temperature changes

I know my career is taking a turn for the better when:
a.    I see myself moving into a more private office
b.    I hear the managing director say, “You’re really going to go places.”
c.    I feel satisfaction in getting a promotion.

Before going to sleep at night, it’s important that:
a.    The room is nearly dark or pleasantly shaded
b.    The room is hushed or muted with pleasing background quiet
c.    The bed feels very comfortable

In the morning, I especially enjoy awakening to:
a.    Either the sun streaming in or an overcast day
b.    The sound of a lively wind or rain pelting the windows
c.    A warm duvet or flannel sheets

When I experience anxiety, the very first thing that happens is:
a.    The world takes on a different appearance in some way
b.    Sounds begin to bother me
c.    My sense of ease begins to alter

When I’m very happy, my world:
a.    Takes on a definite and wonderful shine
b.    Resonates with total harmony
c.    Fits perfectly within the space of my life

I get along better with people who:
a.    Relate to the world through the way it looks
b.    Relate to the world through the way it sounds
c.    Relate to the world through the way it makes them feel

When I get totally motivated the first thing that happens is:
a.    I see things from a new and resourceful perspective
b.    I tell myself how this state is going to create new possibilities
c.    I can actually feel myself getting psyched up

When someone tells me “I love you” my first experience is:
a.    An image of the person loving me, or us together
b.    A dialogue within my soul saying, “This is wonderful”
c.    A feeling of pleasurable contentment

Death, for me is probably:
a.    To see no more, or to see in a totally new way
b.    To hear no more, or to hear in a totally new way
c.    To feel no more, or to feel in a totally new way

Having rapport with someone is:
a.    Seeing him or her in a wonderful and easy-to-be-with way
b.    Hearing the person communicate things exactly the way they should
c.    Feeling toward the person the way I know he or she feels toward me.

Preference Test Answers:

Now add up the three separate scores of A’s, B’s and C’s. The letter with the highest number indicates that this is probably your primary representational system.

A’s = Visual
B’s = Auditory
C’s = Kinaesthetic

If you score a 10 in each category, take the test again in a day or so; you’ll probably find one area predominates.

If your scores are still close together in value, it means that though you might be primarily visual, for example, many of your strategies are kinaesthetic or auditory.

If your scores are highly slanted, that is to say, higher than 17 in any category, you are clearly dominant in that representational system.

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