Eye Accessing Cues | NLP Eyes (Part 2)


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Eye accessing cues

 Eye accessing Cues – Diagram


NLP Eyes Part 2


The diagram above is for a "normal" right handed person. Many left-handed people and some ambidextrous people will have eye movements that are reversed.


Vr Visual Recall

Seeing images from the memory, recalling things you're have seen before.


Vc Visual Constructed

Seeing images of things you have never seen before. When you are making it up in their head, you are using Visual Constructed.


Remember: Some people access visually by defocusing their eyes. When this happens, the eyes will usually stay in the centre.


Ar Auditory Recall

Is when you remember sounds or voices that you've heard before or things that you've said to yourself before.


Ac Auditory Constructed

This is making up sounds that you've not heard before.


K Kinaesthetic (Feelings, sense of touch)

You generally look in this direction when you're accessing your feelings.


Ad Auditory Digital (Talking to yourself)

This is where your eyes move when you're having internal dialogue.


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