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There comes a point in everyone's life where they realise things have to change – be it a habit they no longer want, a fear they want to overcome, or past upsets they want to leave in the past – while I have always ventured along the path of constant change it was not until I met Lee where the most change occurred!

It was always going to be my choice in life, but once I made it – Lee helped me achieve it! And in doing so taught me life skills I will use for the rest of my life.

I am now a non-smoker and proud of it. I have let go of past upsets in relationships and in doing so have met an amazing man who I hope to continue learning with. I look forward instead of back. And I can relate and build rapport with people in all areas of my life as a result of learning a few human characteristics and understanding our differences. Personally and in business, it's your relationships with people that create your success. These are just a few of the things Lee can teach you – his skills and abilities are priceless. And after the learning is done – ultimately it's up to you!

Courtney Wilson
(Senior Programme Accountant)

What The Public Say

Lee is fab. I can only describe our work together as ’magic’. Lee got quickly to the core of my issues, bringing them out into the open and enabling me deal with them and move forward, taking real and powerful learning from each session. I thoroughly recommend him!’  "joanne Marriot"


Very helpful and positive forum, I have already learned a lot from just reading?   "Peggybird"


A friend of mine who was cured of her nighttime driving phobia after one visit suggested I saw Lee for my phobia of answering the phone. I did and was also cured after that visit which also unmasked a deeper anxiety problem which made me feel afraid of social situations and controlled all other areas of my life making me nervous and anxious most of the time.

After each further visit with Lee I have had life changing results, now I am relaxed, confident, outgoing, brave, and completely happy. I am able to deal with all situations without fear or anxiety and I look forward to the future with excitement.

I can highly recommend Lee to anyone who would like to improve their life in any way.  "jt"


Your CD has just successfully helped see me through an exceptionally busy period in terms of work and home life…I could not have discovered it at a more useful time as I have been very sleep deprived and it gave me great energy. hazel  "Hazel Hendely"


I feel as though I have begun a whole new journey. I am the happiest I have been in such a long time and the most at peace. Life seems exciting again (oh, and I sleep!! If ever I have difficulty I just listen to your cd)!! I look forward to seeing on when I am back. Thea Garland Freelance Journalist  "Thea Garland"


Helped me with confidence so I could perform at the optimum level  "Donna Fraser International athlete"


Meeting Lee was one of the best decisions I ever made. Initially I was worried about the cost because I was out of work, but once we met I knew I had made the right decision. Since meeting Lee my life has changed for the better. I think the best thing that happened was my new way of thinking. Now I think thoughts that empower me. I know have the confidence to confront whatever I am facing in my life. I used to be shy, fearful, doubtful and always anxious and worried, but now I know how to change those negative thoughts for empowering ones. Thank you so much Lee. I would recommend every one to try hypnosis with Lee because it worked for me. Aziza from London  "Aziza"


Although it is still only early days, Lee has had a profound impact in helping me push through the barriers to help ensure I am successful in realising my long-held business ambitions. Lee has a very soothing approach that instantly puts you at ease.  "Kelly Clifford"


Hi Lee, The miracle happened.. Im pregnant! I want to thank you so much for all your kind help. It’s helped me in so much in so many ways. Kind regards.  "Bonnie"


You helped me to shift my perspective and realise that I had it within me all along.  "Simon Forster"


Lee has helped me through hypnotherapy, relaxation and Neurolingustic Programming (NLP). I did Lees NLP course and since then, I have found my communication to be slower, clearer and more concise. I am much calmer and feel very relaxed most of the time. The most important thing that has come out of this for me, is that I haven’t argued with my mother since the course and as she works for me and we speak on an almost daily basis, this is just amazing! Thank you Lee I have a better understanding of people   "Victoria Knight"


At a very difficult time in my life feeling loss and illhealth. Lee transformed my thoughts from hoplessness to enthusiasm for the future starting new things and achieving dreams I had put off. trekking in Asia riding elephants up the jungle writing my book.Thank You Lee   "Carol-Ann"


"I rang up Lee and was delighted as he has an amazing way of working. Prior to the session he rang me and asked alot of questions and got me talking about various topics on the phone, I was to realise the benefits of this during the session itself. He spent over an hour and a half using this information to completely personalise the session for me in every way. I had never met Lee prior to this – but he was like a very close friend who spoke with me as if we were just a couple of mates. I was instantly at ease. He prepared a tape for me to take away – again the audio was with him mentioning my name – he has stayed in touch regularly via email since the session. I feel empowered that I not only achieved my goals that I no longer smoke, but feel great about being a non smoker and I am totally motivated, not only this but also got to meet someone who is a truly remarkable therapist." wanted to be anonymous Managing Director   "Minaz Ramzan"


Just to let you know, presentation went fine, betablockers in the bin! No nerves, not butterflies nothing…….. Thanks again V  "Victoria"