Control Hypnosis and Hypnosis Test

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There are many stages of hypnosis, and what I have discovered is that only the masters of hypnosis will induce the right level of hypnosis to get the change that you want.

Stages of Hypnosis light(20%)


  • Lethargy
  • Relaxation
  • Eye Catalepsy

Arm Catalepsy



  • Catalepsy of Isolated Muscle groups
  • Heavy of Floating Fingers

Complete Muscle Groups



  • Rapport
  • Smell and taste changes
  • Number Block

Partial Amnesia / Glove Anaesthesia

Medium (60%)


  • Amnesia
  • Analgesia (No pain)

Partial Hallucinations



  • Hallucinations (Positive)
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Anaesthesia (No Feelings)

Deep (20%)


  • Negative Hallucinations
  • Comatose
  • Somnambulism

If you want to get fast success and you work with an expert you do not need to be of any level of suggestibilitity you just need the right therapist! I have included below this article some quite common suggestibility tests often used.  I have discovered that more importantly that suggestibility is the ability of the hypnotherapist to use hypnosis as an application of NLP. In plain english, your beliefs are not fixed, beliefs can be changed and a top therapist will simply arrange this quickly first so that you can get into the desired trance state to get the change that you want fast. To discover more simply call 07976 431 141 and I will explain it to you. 

Suggestibility tests

Some people use "suggestibility tests" to see how easily (or not) a person will go into a trance. The two most common are:

1.    The Dictionary / Balloon.

"Please hold both your hands outstretched and close your eyes. Now turn one hand over and imagine as clearly as you can, a large helium balloon tied to your hand which is palm down and a huge unabridged dictionary in your other hand. Now open your eyes."

2.    The Hand Clasp.

"Please take your hands and clasp them together, and close your eyes. Now notice your fingers are becoming more and more tightly clasped together. Tighter and tighter. Now try to open them. Try to pull your hands apart. Try and find you cannot. The harder you try the harder they clasp themselves together."

Personally I wouldn't bother with them unless the client wants to get a sense of what hypnosis feels like before going in deeply. If that's the case, just do one and then discuss how it was for the client. As long as you've got good rapport, trust, a client willing to follow simple suggestions, and control over your own voice (tonality, tempo and pace) you'll be able to induce trance.

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