"You can't change the world but you can change your reaction to it"

"We can offer solutions not only to individuals but to organisations"

Our stress management courses allow people to analyse their own responses to pressure and produce practical strategies to face daily challenges and become more effective.

Typical one day course agenda


  • What is pressure and what is stress?
  • The 3 stages of pressure
  • Recognising your own stressors
  • Personality types and reactions to stress
  • How your beliefs and perceptions cause stress
  • Managing yourself
  • Does your job cause stress?
  • What else causes stress?
  • Developing a stress strategy


  • Developing strategies for stress management
  • Self Management
  • Managing change
  • Relaxation techniques ( Hypnosis )
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Planning your next step?
  • Close



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This seminar will change the way you feel about smoking forever. Hypnosis has been proven in surveys over 100,000 people to be the most successfulway to stop smoking. This seminar uses NLP to remove the positive beliefs you have about smoking. It then reprograms your mind so that you can chose easily to become a non smoker. Nicotine patches do not deal with the habit this is the most addictive part of smoking. Hypnosis does! Patches allegedly double the success rate. It has been said that with will power alone the chances of stopping are 1percent so double that means that they are 98% unsuccessful. Book this seminar for the following reasons.

"Proven to be the most effective cure available"

This stop smoking seminar includes

  • Personal Profiling
  • How to remove addictions consciously
  • Smoking and the body
  • The facts about smoking
  • New ways for motivation?
  • Trance – Hypnosis
  • NLP
  • Benefits of stopping smoking?
  • Visualisations?
  • What is in a cigarette
  • Technique to remove cravings?
  • Have more energy
  • Affirmations
  • Powerful mind techniques
  • Re-enforcement Cds

WEIGHT LOSS – "How to stay slim forever"

(Delivered over weekly sessions, half or full day)

This system utilises the power of your own mind to create new behaviours and change your relationship with food. You will learn how to change fromthe inside out, understand the physiology of weight gain and losing weight.. You will learn vital psychological skills and techniques to lose weight. Techniques that you can use to reduce stress and anxiety. With the use of NLP, (a tool kit for the mind) hypnosis, and Arurvedic principles (knowledge of health and well being) you will soon look and feel great.

It is scientifically proven that diets do not work 90% of the time. So attend this seminar now.

Is this for me?

  • Overweight?
  • Failed dieter
  • Crave sugary or fatty foods?
  • Do you comfort eat?
  • Eat through reward?
  • Would you like to change your relationship with food?
  • Would you like to feel really happy with your body?
  • Are you unable to lose that last few pounds?
  • Lose inches and drop down a size?
  • Would you like to stop snacking?
  • Always finish your plate?
  • Would you like to learn 5 ways to boost your metabolism?
  • What this system will do for you


  • Personal Profiling
  • Give you Vital information about Food and the body.
  • Learn the rules of eating awareness
  • Change the way you think about food forever.
  • Remove cravings
  • I will help you control your habits and program your mind to slim your body.
  • You will experience wonderful relaxation techniques to feel at peace with yourself.
  • You will learn Thought Field therapy a way to reprogram emotions or cravings.
  • Learn five ways to boost metabolism. (Your metabolism is not fixed- it can and will change in response to how you eat the senses it experiences and what you do with your body.)
  • Erase comfort and reward eating
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Become more motivated
  • You'll keep the weight off
  • The system works with your body not against it.
  • You'll learn to recognize the subtle and not so subtle signs of authentic hunger
  • Alter your eating habits so you sustain the weight loss.
  • Get help via one-to one coaching or attend my unique weight loss masterclass and start using the system now. The system includes.

Booking includes

  • Rules of naturally slender people
  • Reprogram you mind to be more helpful
  • Remove cravings
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Change your relationship forever
  • Imagine Your Goal Figure
  • NLP, Trance hypnosis and Aruvedic principles
  • Affirmations
  • All course material
  • Re-nforcement CD's are available for purchase


The decision to seek help is the first step. When you come to see me the rest is easy.

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This is a complete programme for health and well-being. Thousands of people and hundreds of physicians turn to aryurveda as an alternative treatment. This programme allows us to be perfect in mind, body and spirit. This power is available if we look within.

The principles have been developed over thousands of years in the East, and specific techniques have been documented in "The Lancet", one of the world's top medical journals. Anybody who works with Lee over a period of time will be taught many of the principles of aryurveda.

Those principles can help us to understand who we are (body-mind type) and give us an instant insight into our own behaviour and other people's behaviour. This understanding does not put us in a box, but identifies typical traits that we are likely to experience when we are well (in balance) and when we are stressed (out of balance). This information is very useful as there are things we can do to move back into balance. These include dietary advice, stimulation of the senses and many other specific behaviours.

Aryurveda teaches us many techniques to produce healing and these are available in the programme. It also teaches techniques to improve your memory, attention span, learning capabilities and to improve your eyesight and increase energy.

After understanding your unique body-mind type you can learn how to eat for balance, to eliminate nutritional deficiencies and respond to internal, not external, cues. You will also learn how to remove any addiction and invaluable techniques to accessing our natural pharmacy – the key to perfect health and well-being.

Or you can book an appointment to find out your body-mind type and Lee will go through the programme over a period of 1-2 hours.

This is amazing information that everyone should have available to them.

"Human thought has immense power and aryurveda is an empowering and learning experience".

Can I Be Hypnotised?

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