Can I Be Hypnotised?

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I thought in this post I would address the question that I get asked many times. Is  it true that.. 

 Only some people can be hypnotized?

Everyone can have (and already has had) an experience of hypnosis.

  1. If you're watching a film and something happens on screen that makes you jump, laugh, cry or feel excited, you've been hypnotized.
  1. If you're driving a long way, and you arrive home and realize you don't really remember driving the last 20 miles, you've been hypnotized.
  1. If you're listening to someone at lunch telling a story, and your hand stops halfway between your plate and your mouth, suspending your food in the air as you wait for them to finish making a point, you've been hypnotised.
  1. If you've ever read a book, and you've got so into it that you lost all track of time, you've been hypnotized.

These are natural, everyday examples of hypnosis. The fact that you've felt this (or something like it) means you can go into a hypnotic trance.

A hypnotic trance is merely an altered state of consciousness. People are moving between different states of consciousness all the time. Angry, happy, sad and excited: these words describe specific states of consciousness. Hypnotic trance is just one more to add to the list. Hypnosis or trance simply involves a person having an inward focus. One of the useful things about hypnotic trance is that it is a state where many things are possible.

The idea that not everyone can be hypnotised relates to the fact that some people are not as responsive to a formal hypnotic induction as others. Some forms of hypnosis (E.g. Ericksonian) rely on the flexibility of the hypnotist to help get people to go into trance, but what isn't mentioned is that if you are a master in NLP and you can use NLP as an application of hypnosis, anyone with a IQ over 80 will  be able to alter their beliefs from having doubts to entering a trance easily. So everyone can be hypnotized as long as the hypnotherapist is highly skilled. I often work with beliefs because once a person believes they can enter a trance they will be able to more easily. Also a top hypnotherapist in London will have if skilled several rapid ways of inducing trance that could be more appropriate than what is commonly used by therapists of a lower skill level.

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