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This is a complete programme for health and well-being. Thousands of people and hundreds of physicians turn to aryurveda as an alternative treatment. This programme allows us to be perfect in mind, body and spirit. This power is available if we look within.

The principles have been developed over thousands of years in the East, and specific techniques have been documented in "The Lancet", one of the world's top medical journals. Anybody who works with Lee over a period of time will be taught many of the principles of aryurveda.

Those principles can help us to understand who we are (body-mind type) and give us an instant insight into our own behaviour and other people's behaviour. This understanding does not put us in a box, but identifies typical traits that we are likely to experience when we are well (in balance) and when we are stressed (out of balance). This information is very useful as there are things we can do to move back into balance. These include dietary advice, stimulation of the senses and many other specific behaviours.

Aryurveda teaches us many techniques to produce healing and these are available in the programme. It also teaches techniques to improve your memory, attention span, learning capabilities and to improve your eyesight and increase energy.

After understanding your unique body-mind type you can learn how to eat for balance, to eliminate nutritional deficiencies and respond to internal, not external, cues. You will also learn how to remove any addiction and invaluable techniques to accessing our natural pharmacy – the key to perfect health and well-being.

Or you can book an appointment to find out your body-mind type and Lee will go through the programme over a period of 1-2 hours.

This is amazing information that everyone should have available to them.

"Human thought has immense power and aryurveda is an empowering and learning experience".

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