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It is my pleasure to welcome you to my london hypnotherapy
site where I help people just like you get success…Just imagine overcoming the problem that brought you here, getting the life you want & being the you that you dream to be!If you are new to Clinical hypnotherapy or NLP you probably have some questions give me a call or fill in your name and number in the box below and I will personally call you back.“Feel Free to save yourself the bother of reading all of the text below just pick up the phone and call the number on the top right of the screen or enter your details below an I will call you personally”“Remember if you want to change a pattern in your life, want to think differently? or feel different about anything, the solution is in your subconscious & I Can help you”Lee BannisterLee BannisterDip. Hyp. Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner.B.T.E.C I.T.E.C Personal Transformational Success Coach.

So if You are ready to make huge changes in your life the EASY way, then what you are about to experience is probably the most trans-formative decision of your life Call Now …

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EMBODY - Proffessional Insured registered hypnotherapist Your life is Transformed - london hypnotherapy

Imagine IF when you woke up today… your problems had vanished and you were really living the life you want to live.

Success and Healthy men and women

  • Imagine that you are incredible happy living the life of your dreams
  • Imagine that all negative thinking has vanished, you feel empowered & happier than any time in your life
  • Imagine that you are centered your mind is strong and positive and you see the positive side of everything that happens in your life
  • Imagine that you are delighted in your career or business and you’re earning what you want to earn
  • Imagine your health is exactly as you want it to be you are slimmer, fitter, & have the body of your dreams
  • Imagine that you have the relationships in your life that fits just like a glove.

Imagine what it would be like if your problem or pain that brought you here has been eliminated, you are living your life exactly as you want to do. You’re creating your life the way you dream to create it. You have finally discovered a way of being that helps you live your life in way that makes you walk tall and feel proud.
This really can be your life

Success and Healthy women - London hypnotherapyAre you finally ready to make a personal transformation that will make the old you seem unrecognizable but are wondering if is possible? Lee is fab. I can only describe our work together as magic. Lee got quickly to the core of my issues, bringing them out into the open and enabling me deal with them and move forward, taking real and powerful learning from each session. I thoroughly recommend him!Joanne Marriott, CPsychol., BSc (Hons)., MSc., ACIB. Associate Director of Coaching & Development
Success and Healthy business women - London hypnotherapyAre you finally ready to transform your life & Business?A friend of mine who was cured of her nighttime driving phobia after one visit suggested I see Lee for my phobia of answering the phone. I was also cured after that visit He also found a deeper anxiety problem which made me feel afraid of social situations and controlled all other areas of my life making me nervous and anxious most of the time. I have had life changing results, now I am relaxed, confident, outgoing, brave, and completely happy. I am able to deal with all situations without fear or anxiety and I look forward to the future with excitement.I can highly recommend Lee to anyone who would like to improve their life in any way.Julie Teper
Success and Healthy business men - London hypnotherapyAre you finally ready to use the power of your hypnotherapy & NLP to create a positive shift to make what seems impossible possible? You helped me to shift my perspective and realise that I had it within me all along.Simon Forster Trader

YES, yes, yes, It’s Possible… You really can fulfill your true potential and remove the pain & problems that are holding you back!But You need to be coached with an expert, someone who can eliminate problems fast so you suddenly get a solution. With clinical hypnotherapy & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in just a few short hours. it really is possible to transform your life right now no matter what your problem you have, you Imagine being free of the problem that brought you here!Using hypnotherapy and the latest cutting edge techniques, the truth is your Just picture the difference compare that instead of working and talking over your painful problems for weeks and months! Or even worse trying to fix it yourself seting yourself up to feel a failure again.If you could get and short cut fast and easy solution with hypnotherapy and NLP coaching wouldn’t you be interested?YES yes yes its possible you really can fulfill your potential in life and your career!

Change you life with Clinical Hypnotherapy London

As you sit there reading this web page your probably here for a reason aren’t you? You probably know that hypnosis works but are wondering if it can help YOU because your problems are painful and make you feel stuck and helpless.You are probably looking for a clinical hypnotherapist in London or an NLP coach and are wondering if hypnotherapy & NLP really can help you eliminate your unique problems now … So What I am asking you is this. Invest in a few hours of your time and I will show you how to get a personal transformation that really will change your life.

London Hypotherapy can help you with -:

  • Just imagine what brought you here is solved
  • Just imagine all negative feelings, fear worries or pain is removed
  • Just imagine that any negative thinking has left you
  • Just imagine your confident & think only in ways that empower You
  • Just imagine you have now exactly what you want!

Remember If you want an quick and easy solution to your problem your in the right place. Maybe you think in a way that gets you down? Perhaps you have a habit you want to remove?

Whatever the reason wouldn’t it be amazing to get the life change that you want RIGHT NOW with Hypnotherapy in London 

Perhaps you want to light up your life so every day you start and end it smiling. Whether you want to lose weight, boost self esteem, let go of the past or sleep blissfully or that something that’s personal to you …Whatever the problem using the power of hypnosis and NLP I really can help you to banish that issue from your life and help you be the awesome you that you dream to be!Healthy people1 - London hypnotherapy

  • Have a phobia or Fear of anything I can help you
  • Want to boost Your confidence I can help you
  • Remove pain and sadness, I can help you
  • Sleep Better and longer, I can help you
  • Lose weight I can help you
  • Remove Habits I can help you
  • Worry & Anxiety I can help you

It sounds good but you may be thinking can you really help me?YES, yes yes!If you want London Hypnotherapy and positive change and are looking for answers -hypnotherapy and NLP can give you the keys to unlock your problems. Its simple its effective and it really works … If you want to think differently, feel differently change habits and get the life your really want and finally be the person you dream to be? You need to reprogram your subconscious.If that’s the case you’ll want to read every word on this page. Let me reveal to you a personal secret. What I really love about hypnosis is that it is a proven way of programming your subconscious so that you can get exactly what you want, even if your procrastinating even if your struggling, even if your skeptical and have tried everything because it removes the negative programming. YES yes yes. I really can help you create the change that you want fast and help you get that passion for the life once again.

Can I ask you a direct question about London Hypnotherapy?

And as you absorb this information you have proabably thought why can’t change the problem that is bothering me? You probably know that you seem to be stuck with the pain of repeating the same painful pattern, and perhaps have asked why can’t I solve this?Perhaps you feel your stuck going round in circles fed up with this issue, thinking am I’m resigned to this and are asking is this the way it’s meant to be?


Remember If you want change but have struggled to get the change you want it is not you fault. You have been trying to do it with the wrong part of your mind. Let me be brutally honest your intelligent enough to know that if you keep doing what you have been doing you will keep getting the same results. Also asking why your stuck hasn’t helped before and wont help you now. Will it? Do you really want to be stuck with the pain of the problem in another month, year or longer? Are you beginning to see how your thinking, your feelings and emotions, habits and behaviors are all locked away in your subconscious. Now Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a key to unlock the power of your subconscious and get what you want the easy way?I can help you using the power of Hypnosis & NLP to access the keys that will turbo boost your Life to happiness!Maybe you are wondering… What is the secret to overcoming the problem that brought you here. Rare thinking people like you may be asking how can I solve the pain of the issue that brought you here , the secret to happiness? Wealth or lasting relationships?

Let me spill the beans the secret to your happiness

Is in your inner mind in your subconscious. Maybe you have heard ofgoal setting, mainfestatinon or seen the movie “The secret” Let me reveal to you the real secret to your success you already know is tapping into the power of your subconcoious to allign and connect it in a way that helps you get what you want.

Do you want success fast with Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis and NLP is the answer because its effective and it really works. Yes hypnosis and NLP is the key to unlocking your problems, and kicking open the doorway to getting what you want, being the you that your dream to be! Yes, there really is noithing like it hypnosis is proven to work your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

Proof that I can help people like you make a Breakthrough with hypnotherapy

“Lee has given me new confidence and direction in life”
“Before I met Lee, I was lacking focus and direction in my life. Everybody around me seemed to moving on with their lives and I Felt stuck and lacked self-esteem. Thanks to Lee’s help I now have a crystal clear vision of where I want to go with my life and have new confidence to meet any challenge head on and win”
Mr M Andreas Director
“ Lee has helped me remove fear and shyness and negative thinking to changing my life”
Meeting Lee was one of the best decisions I ever made. I realized I was worth investing in I let go of the worry about the cost as I was out of work, and now I know I definitely made the right decision. Since meeting Lee my life has changed for the better. I have a new way of thinking. Now I think thoughts that empower me. I know have the confidence to confront whatever I am facing in my life. I used to be shy, fearful, doubtful and always anxious and worried, but now I know how to change those negative thoughts for empowering ones. Thank you so much Lee. I would recommend everyone to try hypnosis with Lee because it worked for me.
Aziza Nurse from London
“Gone from trapped to empowered”
I have gone from being an insecure person, trapped in a world of science and cleverness to and empowered individual that sees her peers limitations and makes things happen. I perceive nothing as a problem or difficult. My close friends are amazed at the transformation! Thank you so much!
Veronica Research Analyst
“Lee what can I say You have a wonderful way of helping with weight loss”
Lee what can I say You have a wonderful way of feeding the mind with reasons for overeating or eating the wrong things and then undoing the negative side that makes us do these things. Happy to say after a weight loss of 1/2 stone and still losing I am almost at target weight.Gaynor PA Londonof feeding the mind with reasons for overeating or eating the wrong things and then undoing the negative side that makes us do these things. Happy to say after a weight loss of 1/2 stone and still losing I am almost at target weight.
Gaynor PA London
“After failing my test 8 times In one Session you helped me past my test”
Wow we did it Thanks! After failing my test 8 times, sorry it took me a while to contact you, we spent only 3 hours together, but in one blast session I do not know what to say yes I have passed my test and my feet hand not touched the ground thanks so much!
Michele Gym Instructor London
After several attempts of IVF she came to see me. The miracle happened… I’m pregnant!
After several attempts of IVF she came to see me. The miracle happened… I’m pregnant. I don’t know what you did but want to thank you so much for all your kind help. It’s helped me in so much in so many ways Kind regards
Bonnie Pregnant & Happy London

This is the real thing you have heard real-life stories of lives transformed beyond words do you want success too?Is it worth investing a few hours to …Get the Life You Really want?So… if the answers YES, you need to pick up the phone and call now!

“Having been involved in personal devlopement & performing from an early age, having appeared in film, tv and performed in front of more than a Million people on stage as a actor and speaker. My life has been about modeling, and studying successful people and learning the skills of Hypnosis, NLP Auryvedic principles anatomy and physiology. In addition I have successfully hypnotized more than a thousand people at the same time. Most of my clients would say that I am an expert at bringing body and mind together.” Lux magazine said I had pioneredd “The most luxurious treatment yet devised” Tatler said “Refreshed & Elated Where as The evening standard summed it up best…. “it really works”Now wouldn’t it be amazing for you to get success too?Using bespoke techniques of hypnosis & NLP now you really can let go of any negative shadows and truly be the person you want and deserve to be …

May I ask you a question?

How much would it be worth to you to get the change that you want quickly & effortlessly right now? Be honest, how much? When I ask this my clients who are proven success stories … Do you know what they always say?… whatever it takes I would pay one client recently said they would pay £5000.00 for a CD from me because of the personal transformation that they have already achieved!

Here’s some more

  • How much would you pay for a guaranteed winning lottery ticket?
  • How satisfying is it to achieve something that you thought was impossible?
  • Remember It is not that is not just CD or a personal session it is the benefits of money the benefits of the cd or the breakthrough benefits that you get from personal session that’s important isn’t it.

We have been programmed to buy objects in western culture that come and go with fashions but we have only been doing this for the last couple of hundred years instead of …

Investing in Your Happiness with London Hypnotherapy

So let me hit this head on right now for you. I do not currently charge £10,000 a day and work with my skills just in business, I help people like you in personal breakthrough appointments . It is extremely affordable, and awesome value.

Heres the deal on Hypnotherapy :

  • A one-one personal and private session with me currently only costs £300.00
  • For this investment you will receive not 1 but between 2 and 3 hours one-one personal session including a detailed consultation and you will get your bespoke life transformational programme set up.
  • The following personal sessions are usually 1 hour & the investment is £150.00 session. These are usually weekly and remember everything is bespoke and in just a few hours imagine the difference when you step into your own personal transformation and get exactly what you want
  • Plus personal email support and telephone advice

What happens in your life transformation consultation?

When we meet the first time wouldn’t it be amazing if I help straight away using questions which are proven to shift problems to solutions? Remember the further we talk the more possibilities you will see and many of my clients start to feel different about what ever the issue is immediately You probably know that questions an expert can ask can demolish problems but you need an expert to do this. I have invested thousands of pounds in my skills so that I can help people like your transform & step into the freedom of what you couldn’t get before ( if you don’t do it now where will you be? )…

Why Get Your Bespoke Life transformation consultation?

During our first meeting the purpose is to enable me to find the route of your problem and pull it out quickly and effortlessly. I believe that once I remove the negative conditioning in your subconscious.I can help you be what you want to be and get life you really want.Some therapists only work on the symptoms so your problems could come back I will work with the conditioning so you will be free permanently for the rest of your life. Do not miss this incredible opportunity to allow me to help you get a life transformation..

You only have one life you should wake up happy, go to bed happy, and feel excited about your life if you don’t change your programming your patterns will remain the same! Usually the follow up sessions are for weekly sessions for the first two to three weeks. During this time just imagine your problems are demolished in pain free and easy way. Picture the difference as you get to feel exactly how you want to feel. The following breakthrough sessions allign all the surrounding issues and we install the blueprint thinking and feeling of exactly what you want to be this is why I am so precise on the first session so you get to be exactly the you that you dream to be.

Unique Bonus After having a Hypnotherapy Session

Unlike many hypnothearapists. I record every relevant session . This turbo charges you success as you get the opportunity to rapidly remove negative conditioning when we are not one-on-one with bespoke hypnotherapy even while you sleep.!!!You also get the added bonus of saturating your mind turbo boosting your happiness by getting life changing suggestions without seeing me personally so you really get the fast track to success.Instead of seeing a therapist once a week,and only getting one set of powerful suggestions each week, when I provide you with signature cds so that after two weeks you already had the life changing benefit of 14 sessions for the price of two! How easy is it to press play and fall asleep.When I go into a business I charge a minimum of £1000.00 for the day for my advice you get personalized coaching for less than a quarter of that. If you want to grow and be the your of your dreams you need to do something different pick up the phone and …

Also let’s be honest what else can you buy for £300.00

  • coffeA cappuccino a day for three months
  • phoneA phone that you gives you minimal pleasure and then give you grief when it rings or when you drop it on the floor
  • mealA day trip out with a meal that you forget about before you know it.
  • dvdA dvd player that becomes out of date when the next model comes along.
  • shoesA pair of shoes that you will throw out in no time.

Be honest will any of the above eliminate your pain or problems and help you create the life you want to lead each and every day.Not a chance in a consumer driven society we are brainwashed to purchase and waste your money. Lets be honest.You have one life, it is true. One day you will die, can you afford to continue in this state of unhappiness, or stuck with the pain of this problem when you can get personal transformation? I would if I could … … can have an ending now

Try before you buy London Hypnotherapy

Pick up the phone and all now for your free no obligation 15 minute telephone consultation and discover how i can help you get the life you want simply call now. Call Right Now 07976 431 141 When you see me it is an investment FOR LIFE YOUR LIFE, not for a month, not for a year.You are investing in something that will stay with you forever and could easily change your life for all time. Let me just say quickly some facts after one-one coaching you will know that.

‘7 Key Reasons To Grab Your Session Right Now’

Golden Key for health

  • You must realize you are worth the investment you cant help others without inner strength
  • You really can get a personal transformation and be a success story to inspire your friends and loved ones
  • Step up and get happiness and amazing breakthrough rather than the struggle of painful problems which create a miserable existence and thinking what if and wondering why
  • A personal session not only helped you get what you want but now you opening up to other positive possibilities
  • Some people waste their money & time procrastinate when there are wonderful opportunities to condition your brain to remove negative conditioning and get back the passion and enthusiasm for life you will know you made the right choice
  • Where you are now has no bearing on the you in the future you brain has the capacity to relearn with cutting edge techniques
  • You really can be the person you dream to be when you open your mind to hypnosis and nlp

How can I say that?

Your subconscious is what is responsible for getting the results you are now and you can change it because you will already be transformed. Your probably smart enough to realize that with my help you really can change the way you subconscious works for the better.You already know you can be the you beyond your dreams because your subconscious mind is a learning machine and it has learned patterns … The positive patterns in your life you can keep it, Honest people like you you will also admit we have patterns that sometime don’t work for us, patterns that hold you back this condition is locked in your subconscious it could involve thoughts feelings habits and emotions.Whether these are past future I can help you by unlocking them and help you step into the present reignite your passion be the person you really want to be. Yes with hypnosis and nlp i can help you unlearn anything that isn’t helping you move forward positively in life problems in your life can be smashed when you access the power of your subconscious.Personal Guarantee - London hypnotherapyOr you could procrastinate and in 3 months time a year or a lifetime of waisting money still be waisting your money on coffees and be Stuck the quick sand struggling with that problem wondering what if. when you have completed the sessions and your truly free you will realise how this really was the smartest decision you ever made. …Do you have any questions? You can ask me what you like. Below i am guessing some of you might ask and i am going to answer them. and before we decide to work together I invite you to give me a call and have a chat about your personalised goals.


Have questions? -Want Me To Contact You?

You can ask what you like. Simply enter your details below & hit the button that says Yes Lee Contact Me. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours or sooner, you’ll be glad you did…

I can help you step into a brand new reality and a new way of thinking that really works for you.Result Direction

  • Are you Looking for a breakthrough with London hypnotherapy nlp?
  • Are you ready to change your life for the better?
  • Are you fed up of being stuck In a rut, the same pattern and want to break free get Positive results and a Breakthrough
  • Want to make a breakthrough using hypnotherapy and NLP coaching?

Which of these problems do you want to eliminate?

Thumbs-up People

  • Lack of confidence
  • Weight problems
  • Self-Critisism
  • Fear or phobias
  • Approval seeking
  • Anxiety & Worry
  • Lacking Direction in life
  • Bad Feelings or emotions
  • Habits

Attend London Hypnotherapy Now And Change Your Life

Imagine your life with any of the issues above or you unique problem GONE. Well there is a proven way for you to eliminate negative emotions, and beliefs behind those problems. The method is a breakthrough that I have *proven* to work repeatedly on thousands of clients just like you. Its fast, effective, you can pop into central london in within an hour or 2 you can start to very feel different about your problems or situation!It really does sound like magic and too good to be true I’d be skeptical too if I hadn’t already tried this for myself and seen with my own eyes the power of clinical hypnotherapy and NLP in my private practice. you could see a therapist and talk about it paying out week on week for counseling, for months relieving and talking about your problems.Or you could quickly make a breakthrough when you pick up the phone and call me. The most important thing that your mind needs to do is get the positive meanings that release the negativity, or make it so that it just seems less painful or even funny.I personally really don’t see the point of digging up problems when you can use hypnosis to forget about them. Relieving bad stuff doesn’t help does it? It is forgetting about your problems or transferring the way you look at them so you are looking at them in an empowering way is what you helps isn’t it?If you want to make a breakthrough fast pick up the phone and call now. I am triple certified in clinical hypnotherapy and I train people in hypnosis weekend and NLP, it gives me great pleasure to help a strictly limited number of people like you create rapid and empowering change each and every week so that they can start to live the life they truly desire.

Are you ready to:

Blue healthy brain

  • Tap into the 90% of your mind that holds the keys to your success
  • See your problems vanish as you get the resources to let go of negative feelings meanings or beliefs
  • Feel Empowered and Focused instead of painfully asking why
  • Discover how to WIN every single day when faced with challenges
  • Gain Respect of your friends as your prove to them you finally found the strength to overcome your problems
  • Discovery is that you were supposed to do with your life

Have questions? -Want Me To Contact You?

You can ask what you like. Simply enter your details below & hit the button that says Yes Lee Contact Me. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours or sooner, you’ll be glad you did…

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